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Tumblr message about the Missing e

Third-party devs make Twitter and Tumblr better, yet get pooped on. Why?

Several months ago, Tumblr users who had a browser extensions called “The Missing e” installed loaded up their dashboards and came across this message: The message uses a lot of scary words — browser hack, privacy, data loss — meant to rattle the less clueful. Then it presents users with a silly choice: uninstall the ‘hack’ right now or forfeit… Read more →

Experiment: Tumblr

I don’t know much about Tumblr but the service intrigues me greatly, so I decided to try it out and experiment with it a little. As it’s meant to be an extension of this blog, my Tumblr will basically be about tech. But my goal is to do more fun stuff around tech, like taking pictures in weird places, recording… Read more →