Experiment: Tumblr

I don’t know much about Tumblr but the service intrigues me greatly, so I decided to try it out and experiment with it a little. As it’s meant to be an extension of this blog, my Tumblr will basically be about tech. But my goal is to do more fun stuff around tech, like taking pictures in weird places, recording short webcam videos, and distilling my thoughts on technology, gadgets, and the web into very short posts.

Tumblr posts will show up on this blog as regular posts, so you’ll see them even if you don’t follow my Tumblr. (That’s an experiment, too.) But if you want to follow me there, the address is: ktbradford.tumblr.com. I will attempt not to overload the blog with Tumblr posts — and if it gets that way, I’ll just turn off the crossposting and employ a sidebar widget — and I hope it will lead me to do more long posts here.

Let the experiment begin!