My Gadgets

How do you get your fiction fix?

Just a year ago I was complaining about how it was still an annoying multi-step process to get short fiction from my favorite magazines onto my mobile device of choice. Back then it was my eReader. These days I read on a tablet, but only because none of my eInk eReaders has the versatility I need for what I do.

The tablet I use everyday is a 7-inch Galaxy Tab, which is the perfect size for tableting, according to me. The two apps I use to grab short fiction are the official Google Reader app and Pocket (used to be Read It Later). Sometimes I have to use the browser. Read more →

Too Many Flash Drives

Whenever I go to tech press events I always come home with a handful of flash drives. It’s easy for companies to put a full press kit and hi-res images on a USB stick with their name on it and is greener than printing everything out. Some companies hand out small drives — 256MB, 512MB and so on — but… Read more →

The Long Road To Backup Harmony

I’ve decided to stop being silly and make a proper backup plan for my computers. It really is ridiculous how long I’ve been putting this off. But as you read this my important files (including all of my music) are syncing to a server somewhere controlled by SugarSync. Later on I’ll start on the process of making local backups, though… Read more →

AlphaSmart vs. Netbook (Or: Should I Dust Off My Old Tech?)

While I was looking for a picture of my version of the AlphaSmart for yesterday’s post I came across a post touting the superiority of the Neo (that’s what they’re calling AlphaSmarts these days) over netbooks. To say I was shocked is an understatement. In these times when netbooks flow from the heavens like water, why in the world would… Read more →

Ever Wondered: Which Netbook Should I Buy? Here’s The Answer.

For reasons that should be clear to everyone reading this blog, I’m usually the person folks in my circle of friends and acquaintances come to when they want advice on which netbook to buy. I am the netbook queen. Plus, I get to play with (and sometimes review) a larger sample than most. Thing is, my netbook advice hasn’t changed… Read more →

More Cubicle Geekiness

As promised, today I brought my TARDIS hub back to the office and I finally have plenty of USB ports within easy reach.R2D2 is getting along nicely with the new addition (click images for the larger versions): Of course, I couldn’t bring the TARDIS in without some daleks showing up. You see the black one menacing my poor police box… Read more →