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Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad

The Long Path To Market For Lenovo’s Yoga Gives Me Hope I’ll See Other Devices I Want Someday

At CES I saw several really drool-worthy products, but the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga was among the best, no question, no hesitation. When the company demoed it for us the first time I was immediately impressed and also immediately aware that I needed one of my own.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this reaction to a Lenovo product. And I’ve been burned in the past. I’ve seen some amazing notebooks and tablets teased and promised at CES only to receive news later that they wouldn’t be coming to market, after all. They swear this is not the case for the Yoga; it’s just waiting for Windows 8 before it can ship to customers. I begrudgingly believe them. Read more →

This is why I stopped being a web designer

After many hours, a lot of screaming, much frustration, and some ice cream, I’ve finally found a decent solution for putting Tumblr posts on the blog sidebar. It’s not what I would have wanted, ultimately (I’d prefer you see more text, but I couldn’t get that to happen without large images and videos messing up the sidebar), and I’ll keep… Read more →

Firefox: Down Memory Lane

I’m conducting a bit of a survey and I’ll need your help. It’s all about Firebox, the browser I love, and how it breaks my heart every day. Do you love Firefox? Then please help me with an intervention. If you have Firefox open now and you’re running Windows, go to your Task Manager1 and click on the Processes tab.… Read more →

Too Many Flash Drives

Whenever I go to tech press events I always come home with a handful of flash drives. It’s easy for companies to put a full press kit and hi-res images on a USB stick with their name on it and is greener than printing everything out. Some companies hand out small drives — 256MB, 512MB and so on — but… Read more →

The Long Road To Backup Harmony

I’ve decided to stop being silly and make a proper backup plan for my computers. It really is ridiculous how long I’ve been putting this off. But as you read this my important files (including all of my music) are syncing to a server somewhere controlled by SugarSync. Later on I’ll start on the process of making local backups, though… Read more →

Wi-Fi With A Side Of Fries

Back when I was a freelancer I spent a large portion of my time trying to find good cafes and coffee shops with free wi-fi so that I could get work done while I was out. Being stuck in the apartment all day while dealing with clients quickly became untenable, so the instant I had a new laptop that could… Read more →

Ever Wondered: Which Netbook Should I Buy? Here’s The Answer.

For reasons that should be clear to everyone reading this blog, I’m usually the person folks in my circle of friends and acquaintances come to when they want advice on which netbook to buy. I am the netbook queen. Plus, I get to play with (and sometimes review) a larger sample than most. Thing is, my netbook advice hasn’t changed… Read more →