In General

A Sad Goodbye To Tecca

Just a short note to say that Tecca, one of the best technology websites I’ve ever read, is shutting down this week. I’m so very sad about this, it’s hard to express. Even before I joined the Tecca team I admired the website. I loved the mix of tech news and reviews with space and science stuff and the geeky… Read more →

The Next Big Thing

I’ve typed some variation of this sentence dozens of times over the past few hours, yet typing it again still feels very odd: Today is my last day at Laptop Magazine. Yep, I’m leaving my post as News Editor after almost exactly two years in that position. No, I am not going to This Is My Next like all the… Read more →

New Design Is Almost Complete

I know that I’ve neglected this blog for a long time. It’s mostly due to being so busy at work. But since it was time to dump my old theme — which was pretty, but a complete mess code-wise — I decided to reinvigorate the blog and get a new design going. I can’t take credit for all of this… Read more →

The Perfect Laptop… For Writers

I was having a conversation with a co-worker recently about different kinds of laptop roundups we might do in the future similar to what we did here for web designers. One of the roundups I suggested was Laptops for Writers, which was met with some¬†skepticism. What would make one laptop or another better for a writer? she asked. The first… Read more →

This is why I stopped being a web designer

After many hours, a lot of screaming, much frustration, and some ice cream, I’ve finally found a decent solution for putting Tumblr posts on the blog sidebar. It’s not what I would have wanted, ultimately (I’d prefer you see more text, but I couldn’t get that to happen without large images and videos messing up the sidebar), and I’ll keep… Read more →

Experiment: Tumblr

I don’t know much about Tumblr but the service intrigues me greatly, so I decided to try it out and experiment with it a little. As it’s meant to be an extension of this blog, my Tumblr will basically be about tech. But my goal is to do more fun stuff around tech, like taking pictures in weird places, recording… Read more →

My Special Fashion Week Appearance

If you’ve seen some of Sony’s latest commercials you may have noted that Justin Timberlake is shilling for them these days. So it’s natural that they’d sponsor the William Rast1 show at Fashion Week.¬† Thus I got to attend the show and sit in fancy VIP seats right behind one of the most powerful fashion editors evar2. Also, Jessica Biel… Read more →