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The eReaders keep on coming, and this week we got in the Kobo Reader and the Pandigital Novel, both of which I get to review since I am the eReader queen over at Laptop. This is in no way a burden, since I’m really into the category and can’t wait to find the perfect eReader at the perfect price.

If you check out some of the reviews I’ve done in the past they all have pretty much the same structure. We cover Design, User Interface, Reading Experience, Content, Connectivity (if available), Performance, and Special Features. In this way we cover most of the bases, but as I poke around other sites and talk to more people about eReaders, I’ve discovered that there are details people look for that I don’t usually cover.

For example, someone once told me they didn’t like Sony’s readers because their line spacing is too close together and you can’t adjust it. Same goes for spacing between words and letters (there are technical terms for this that I don’t know, can anyone help me out?) and for margins on many other eReaders. Some of these elements are dictated by the eBook file itself, but I think some can be controlled by the device. I’ve never taken particular note of this, but for some it’s a make or break aspect.

That got me wondering if there are any other aspects of the eReader experience that I’m not covering in reviews because I don’t notice them as much. I also wonder whether I should spend more space on some sections over others. Obviously I need to turn to the Internet, where answers to all questions lie.

What do you think I should include in eReader reviews that I don’t already? Which aspects of the ones we have feel less important to you, as eBook consumers?