My Cubicle Grows Geekier By The Day

Last week I determined that I needed a new USB hub. The one I was using got dangerously hot, even just sitting there with an idle flash drive plugged in. Untenable. So I found a hub online. Say hello to my little friend:

R2D2 hub and assorted gadgets

He’s surrounded by several of the devices that I need to now plug into him. Every time I do, he emits movie-correct beep beep boop sounds, much to the delight of my co-workers.

Can you identify all that crap? A pat on the head goes to anyone who can. I’ll give you a hint on the penguin: it’s actually a USB flash drive with Ubuntu pre-loaded. R2 is also surrounded by my fancy Logitech keyboard and mouse, seen here:

R2D2 hub, assorted gadgets, Logitech

The last time I worked here I had a pretty geeky cubicle with a TARDIS hub and Daleks menacing me from every corner. I think I need to get back to that. I’ll get (yet another) hub for my desk at home that’s not quite as fun then bring the Doctor Who toys back.

Any other suggestions for geeking out my cubicle?

  • mlp

    Your desk is so much geekier than mine :)

  • Charlie

    *geeklove* :)