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On Digital Trends: BlackBerry Q10 review

BlackBerry Q10While the Z10 can be seen as BlackBerry’s bid to attract new, hip users, the BlackBerry Q10 should supposedly appeal to old-school BB lovers who are ready to dump their Bolds and Curves for something better. Instead of a large, all-touch experience, the Q10’s screen is small and half of the phone is dominated by a keyboard. It runs the Canadian tech company’s latest and greatest OS: BlackBerry 10.1. The question is whether the interface that runs so well on a larger, touch-only device will also work on a half display, half keyboard phone? The answer depends on whether you’re willing to dive deep into the Q10’s many layers of functionality and keyboard secrets.

Viggo Mortensen Journal

From paper journal to digital note – is this finally convenient enough to do on a regular?

My big project last week was writing a piece on melding analog handwriting tools with digital ones. While doing the research and testing all the different methods a tidbit of information kept surfacing in my thoughts. Years ago I read an interview with actor/poet/artist/musician Viggo Mortensen where he recounted the time he lost three years worth of journals when some… Read more →


On Digital Trends: Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Review

Galaxy S4 Google EditionLiken the Nexus devices before it, the Google Edition GS4 is available unlocked directly from Google. It’s also expensive at $650 since it’s not subsidized by a specific carrier. The price tag isn’t the only thing that may stop many potential buyers short. Because as joyful as it is to have stock Android on the Galaxy S4, it also means that the smartphone’s signature features are now gone as well. Is the trade-off worth it?


On Digital Trends: Paper rules: Why borrowing an e-book from your library is so difficult

eBook LibrariesFour years in, borrowing an e-book from your local library is still a difficult and confusing process that varies wildly depending on what kind of e-reader or device you own. And once you finally figure out how to borrow a book, there are other frustrations. …

So why is it so hard to borrow an e-book? It’s because none of the companies involved are working together. The e-reader makers, library lending software developers, and the publishers are all working at odds and it’s us who suffer. E-book library lending is broken.


On Digital Trends: BlackBerry Z10 Review

Blackberry Z10The expectation that BlackBerry would deliver a phone far out ahead of the competition is unrealistic given how far behind the company fell. But not every phone needs to be ultra groundbreaking in order to be a good phone and draw in customers. Look at Windows Phone, which may have alienated potential users with its boxy design. The Z10 is a good phone, but not cause for fireworks. And it’s still more suited to people in business suits than your average Joe.


On Liliputing: Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet Review

ThinkPad X230TThe Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet balances portability, productivity, and power well, and does so at a decent price. This one is definitely for the small business crowd, entrepreneurs, or consumers who want a long-lasting tank of a laptop with an excellent keyboard.


On Liliputing: Will smartwatches help tablets replace smartphones?

Given the success of smartwatches on Kickstarter (if not in the marketplace just yet), I’m hoping that developers jump on this bandwagon hard and make some awesome apps. Not just because I like the idea of a Dick Tracy-esque device on my arm, but because it could be the thing that makes the tablet phone possible.

On the Death of Delicious

Dear Yahoo, Thank you for taking away the only Yahoo service that I actually use every day besides Flickr. I’m sure you’ll get around to killing that, too. It means I no longer have to spend any time dealing with your horrible web services. I use Delicious as an extension of my brain. As a journalist, as a blogger, as… Read more →