Unimaginative Tech Nerds Make The Baby iPhone Cry

Today Walt Mosspuppet (who is, by the way, my favorite puppet journalist of all time) posted the following about the Apple tablet:

According to a poll over at MacMost.com, what most people want out of the upcoming iSlate is to be able to read books. My god, you people think so small.

I must say: the puppet is right. Seriously, people? You’re going to use the tablet mainly for reading? What do you do with your computers all day, play 8-bit Tetris? Dear Gozer.

Anyway, go read Mosspuppet because he’s far funner about all this than I am. I’m too appalled at how unimaginative the people who took that poll are to be witty today.

  • Attie

    What do you do with my computers all day? Reading. What do I do with my iPhone all day? Reading. What would I do with a tablet? Read!

    What can I say, I love books. And my job is reading articles.

  • The other night I dreamed the Apple tablet cost $495 and flawlessly ran Photoshop and Painter cintiq-style. Awake, I think this is unlikely, but when it doesn’t happen I’ll still be disappointed.

  • Also, a horse with a warp drive — or better yet a pony — would be awesome.