It’s Twilight Day And I Must Scream

New Moon, blah blah. Haven’t seen it, don’t intend to, not even for the LULZ. Did want to point out that yesterday we got a press release for this here Twilight USB flash drive. Why yes, it is in the shape of and decorated with the Cullen family crest. Twilight-lovers aren’t going to settle for a flash drive that just says New Moon on it or anything, they like to go all out. This (completely not work safe and not having anything at all to do with tech) product proves that fans of this series demand above-and-beyond in every aspect of their lives.

I am on pins and needles for the Twilight convertible tablet netbook and sprouts hair and grows to twice its size when you turn the screen around and close it over the keyboard.

Anyone who doesn’t get that reference: you’re a lucky sod and I envy you deeply.

  • Jh

    …. NO. That link. Why did you have to post it?! T_T

  • “Sprouts hair and grows to twice its size.” Now that is a tablet notebook worth having. Nyet to the Meyer-branding, though.

    I am deeply envious of your typewriter-key design. V good.

    Coming to Arisia or Boskone?


  • jonquil

    Hey, I’m waiting for the Breaking Dawn tablet that suddenly breaks apart at the hinge and delivers a PDA.

    • K T Bradford

      In order for it to get the licensing deal the PDA would have to break the tablet and claw its way out from the center every time.