Wikipedia Is Almost 10 years Old

It’s odd to think of Wikipedia being 10 as it feels like not so long ago that we had to go look things up in real encyclopedias, but it also feels like an indispensable part of internet life. I’m doing a piece on the 10th anniversary and the site’s impact on the web and education. I’d like to interview or hear from anyone who falls into one of the following groups:

  • Wikipedia editors who’ve been active for a year or more. The longer the better.
  • Teachers, librarians, and educators who have strong opinions on the use of Wikipedia in academic settings. I know that some hate it, some like it with reservations, and some embrace it. All opinions welcome.
  • Anyone who has written a paper, essay, dissertation, whathaveyou about Wikipedia. I’d love to read your work and maybe ask you a few questions depending on some of the other interviews.

Please pass this post on to anyone you feel might be interested. If you are willing to talk to me, please contact me via my website’s contact link (up at the top). Thanks!

  • *waves* Been on Wikipedia since early 2004. Got sucked into all manner of volunteer functions. Still edit and add stuff as I feel inspired.

  • Veronica Schanoes

    Hey Tempest–I’m putting on my college professor hat to respond:

    I tell my students that Wikipedia is fine for skimming to get a basic outline of things, or to check dates, but that it’s not acceptable as a cited resource in a formal paper. Does that help?

  • Camilla

    I don’t know if this is of interest re: your article, but I saw it yesterday on my flist and it came to mind when I read your post: (Apologies for untidy URL – I don’t know how to make neater links to things.)

    It’s the ‘Iraq War’ entry on Wikipedia, bound into 12 volumes, including all the editing history.