Monthly Archives: December 2009

Netbook Posture

This Christmas I gave my niece a netbook1 and talked to her about how to care for it and online safety and stuff. What I forgot to mentioned was how to sit while using one. I’d completely forgotten about this post on GottaBeMobile about these 9 bad netbook postures. In fact, I think we were both doing that first one… Read more →

Wi-Fi With A Side Of Fries

Back when I was a freelancer I spent a large portion of my time trying to find good cafes and coffee shops with free wi-fi so that I could get work done while I was out. Being stuck in the apartment all day while dealing with clients quickly became untenable, so the instant I had a new laptop that could… Read more →

Ever Wondered: Which Netbook Should I Buy? Here’s The Answer.

For reasons that should be clear to everyone reading this blog, I’m usually the person folks in my circle of friends and acquaintances come to when they want advice on which netbook to buy. I am the netbook queen. Plus, I get to play with (and sometimes review) a larger sample than most. Thing is, my netbook advice hasn’t changed… Read more →

More Cubicle Geekiness

As promised, today I brought my TARDIS hub back to the office and I finally have plenty of USB ports within easy reach.R2D2 is getting along nicely with the new addition (click images for the larger versions): Of course, I couldn’t bring the TARDIS in without some daleks showing up. You see the black one menacing my poor police box… Read more →